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Claassen (1950) paints already since his time at the university of Groningen ( 1970)

Then he painted to earn money for his study in chemistry. Followed  art courses  in Groningen.

After a intensive carreer in Chemical Industry now retired. ( 2015)

Followed during 2015 drawing and painting lessons at the "Teekenschool"  of the  Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Painting is his passion. Does not like repetition and looks constantly for new subjects, techniques and  expressions.

"Slowly I'm discovering what I really want express, that painting has still to be made!

Some of the shown paintings are still for sale, he mostly makes paintings on demand.

Makes his own frames, because "they are an important  part of the painting"

Claassen is member of the Dutch Association of Creative Artists ( NABK), and exposoes his paintings a few times a year. 


Hu 1950 | hgm.claassen@casema.nl